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It almost seems a little strange now that I think back to it - how obsessed I became with a single recipe.

That said, I could probably attribute such an obsession to my mother. The thing about my mom is that she’s something of a perfectionist. She would try a recipe, and we would be enjoying the same ingredients almost everyday, but the difference was the style of cooking.

While she ensured we always had our vegetables, she would make the same type of food in a different way each time, and the rest of the family loved it. No joke, we would vacuum that food up it was so good!

When I grew up and finally moved out, I started to miss that feeling. The feeling of getting the same recipe but having it in such a different and profound way. Eventually, I missed it so much that I got into cooking as well.

At the time, my mom was into this whole thing regarding the falafel, which is an extremely pleasant patty dish that sometimes had pita, sometimes had meat, sometimes had lamb, thought most of the time was made with chickpeas!

I was already in the groove of looking for a good business, and I realized that I could make full use of my mom’s perfectionist cooking.


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The Benefits of Falafels

While it might be understandable to have a restaurant with plenty of different foods and ingredients to take advantage of, we are completely obsessed with the nuances of cooking falafels a certain way. Paired with the perfect drink, there’s nothing like it! Here are just some of the benefits of falafels - particularly ours!

Afraid of calories? We have your covered!

When you think of falafel, people often put it in the same group as shawarma, tacos, and many other type of similar foods.

That said, falafels are often on the healthier side when it comes to calories. Considering that the main ingredient are chickpeas, you have a rather light meal and an incredible drink!

High in fiber, always!

Whole wheat tends to be used when it comes to making pita, and we ensure that it’s always the case when it comes to our falafels.

That way, you can enjoy a delicious low calorie, high fiber meal!

A healthy amount of health fats

One of the things my mom was particular about was the presence of healthy fat. Without any fat, there wouldn’t be much in terms of flavor, and she wouldn’t compromise the quality either!

Our falafels contain a good amount of healthy fat, providing a delicious experience.

Sugar free food

While our drinks might contain some sugar, you can bet that our falafels contain no sugar, ensuring that those with high blood sugar does not suffer when eating in our establishment.

When it comes to falafel, Winuoi Falafel is your only bet to an authentic and delicious experience!

I began to study the art of the falafel with my mom, and we reaaally got into it. We would test each other recipes, and write down any breakthroughs.

Eventually, I loved it so much that I decided to start a business involving all of the recipes that my mom and I had developed, named Winuoi Falafel.

Of course my mom supports me, but she has moved on from the falafel to other dishes! That said, I couldn’t quite shake my love of falafels, which is why Winuoi Falafel is still going!


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