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Winuoi Falafel started out serving just a few of my mom’s dishes. Afterward, we started to include the dishes I came up with, and before we knew it had grown exponentially. Here is the complete service list you can expect from Winuoi Falafel!

An expansive menu!

At the end of the day, our menu is comprised of one thing - the falafel. That said, falafel for us is an umbrella term for all of the incredible dishes you can come up with using falafels.

With the help of my mom and a few esteemed chefs, we’ve come up with an incredible menu that is sure to satisfy those cravings! It might be falafel, but they’re the best ever.

A world-class bar!

One of the reasons why Winuoi Falafel is so very popular (and gets all those awesome reviews), is due to our creative bartender.

We built the bar to accommodate our falafel dishes, as it turns into another experience entirely when paired with the right drink.

Convenience is the name of the game

It can sometimes be tricky to bring the whole family over to enjoy our food due to the kids being a little too rowdy. That said, we’re more than happy to accommodate your children through our playground!

It’s completely safe, and we always have trained staff ready in case there are medical emergencies.

Our services is all about providing satisfaction no matter the scenario. We have the best falafels around, made with recipes that might surprise you!


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